Tens of thousands of users around the world depend on their Afiscooters to keep them mobile and a daily basis, across widely varied conditions and terrains.

We are dedicated to serve and support our users, make sure they enjoy an exceptionally comfortable ride with confidence and low maintenance so that they are encouraged to stay active and mobile for many years. With our highly Devoted & experienced Customer Service team, our outstanding availability of spare parts that can support models long retired from the market and our extensive global network of authorized distributors and dealers, we can offer professional technical support locally and provide responsive service for our products worldwide.

Frequently Asked Questions

Each scooters have a different dimensions, all the dimensions are specified at the Extended Details area:

The maximum speed change between countries due to local regulations, Afikim’s scooters have maximum speed between 10 -15 kph / 7.6- 9.3 mph

Mobility scooters do not require driving license.

Just put your address and find the nearest dealer – Find Your Dealer

The seat height can be adjusted but it must be adjusted by a qualified technician.

You can contact your dealer or contact us and we’ll refer you to the relevant assistance.

Contact Us

Afikim Electric Vehicles would like to hear from you. Simply fill in the form below and we will contact you shortly.

To schedule a free test drive please call: 0419943565

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