AfiScooter S

AfiScooter S

Superb safety and comfort for pure riding pleasure

The spacious & luxurious Afiscooter S with its Red Dot Award winning design made to maximize the protection and safety of the driver, its brilliant ergonomics and excellent comfort of driving is one of the leading Mobility Scooters in its category.

If you are looking for a scooter that can handle traversable terrain with exceptional stability and uncompromising comfort, the Afiscooter S is your choice of preference. If an extremely small turning radius with maximum maneuverability is what you need, you should Consider the three-wheel Version. Either model you choose will deliver an outstanding user experience.

Product Features S4

Product Features S3

Extended Details

Find the accessories you need

With a wide range of accessories, the Afiscooter S can travel comfortability and safely in various types of terrains, including rough off-road terrain, in various types of weather conditions, including extreme conditions and serve more functional and recreational purposes than most other scooters in its category.

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