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Afikim Electric Vehicles is a global leader in developing, manufacturing and marketing Mobility Scooters for the elderly and mobility impaired.

The company is fully owned by KIBBUTZ AFIKIM, one of the largest kibbutzim in Israel and is located in the Jordan Valley in the north of the country.

Since 1978 the company has been a pioneer in the field of mobility scooters, with the introduction of the world’s first mobility scooter with full suspension, the world’s first folding scooter and more innovative solutions. Based on extensive experience of more than four decades and a strong in-house Research and Development department, the company continues to drive meaningful improvements for users and new opportunities for partners.

Today, we offer mid-size Multi-Purpose scooters, Max size All Train All Weather scooters, recreational scooters and a large range of accessories for drivers.

Our Vision

To improve the quality of life for people, by providing high quality, high performance electric mobility solutions that enhance functional capabilities and independence, while safeguarding the environment.

Our Mission

To make electric mobility scooters that focus on meeting driver’s needs and thus to continue being the brand of choice for everyone who values performance, safety, reliability and service.

Why Afikim?

Because no one knows mobility scooters like Afikim!

Tens of thousands of our mobility scooters are in daily use around the world and with a long-lasting proven track record the ‘Afiscooter’ brand has become a synonymous with performance, quality, reliablity.

We take pride in Knowing that Afikim Electric Vehicles has a positive impact on the independence, peace of mind and overall quality of life of our customers.

The first Afikim Scooter was designed and manufactured by Kibbutz Afikim in the mid 70’s in order to give the disabled people living in the Kibbutz more independence and mobility.

After realizing the contribution these self-made scooters had on the quality of life of their users, the Kibbutz decided to further invest in the product, improve its design, adapt it for serial production and start distributing it for a wider range of customers outside of the Kibbutz, in Israel and abroad.

Thus in 1978 ‘Afikim Electric Vehicles’ was formally established and ever since it has been working continuously to upgrade its products, add new products/models to its portfolio and set the highest standards of innovation, design, comfort, and safety for the entire mobility scooters industry.

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